Here are some of my Github projects:

Htmlizer: KnockoutJS templates on node.js. Useful for creating email templates and also to improve SEO for single page apps. It doesn't use jsdom, so it used less memory than KO on node.

flowjs: An alternative to Promises to manage callback hell.

flex-helper: Use CSS3 flexbox as pre-written CSS classes. Useful for layouting (and for people who can't remember the flexbox syntax :D).

node-amd: AMD/RequireJs on node.js. Also supports some requirejs plugin API. Useful for sharing client-side model code with the server.

Computer Vision


Pidgin mail pop-up notification
Mail pop-up notification plugin for Pidgin (Instant messaging application).

Building Qt5 for Android
Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework for C++ or QML developers.

Building WebkitGTK+ for Windows
WebKitGTK+ brings the Web to GTK+ applications.


Mini2440 is an ARM board manuafactured by FriendlyARM.
Here I list all that I did with the mini2440 so that other mini2440 owners don't have to go in search for things like I did.
Note: This was written in pre-Raspberry Pi era. So it isn't relevant to most people now.

Three.js (WebGL) Demos

(2013) Recently I have been working on WebGL and Three.js. I followed the tutorial at
Here are some work I have done with Three.js. Since I am new to graphic programming these demos aren't very impressive, but it's a start: